Thursday, April 25, 2013


I must admit that I have a low opinion of journalists, tech journalists in particular. I've been interviewed several times over the years and only once has the result been accurate. In all the other cases, what I said was spun to fit the journalist's preconceived notion of what the story should be, and to bleep with the truth.

What I cannot understand is why, if a tech journalist cannot interview people in the know because they had to sign a NDA in order to obtain certain assets for a specified price, said journalist would go ahead and publish a story based entirely upon speculation and a single source that may or may not know the details of whatever legal agreements were signed. It's not professional, it's not ethical, and it's not right. But it's the way tech "journalism" is done here in the Silicon Valley. I guess making a living by being unprofessional and unethical doesn't bother some people. So it goes.


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