Monday, March 29, 2010

Cryptography engineering

A new post at the VPEP blog.

I'm currently reading Bruce Schneier's new book Cryptography Engineering (actually the second edition of Applied Cryptography), and the above was just me riffing on some thoughts I had while reading the first chapter.


Monday, March 22, 2010

About work...

One thing you'll notice, reading this blog, is that I haven't blogged about anything happening at work. There's a reason for that: It is, in general, a bad idea. If an employer believes a post puts the company in a bad light or simply decides that you have leaked proprietary information without permission, it's a great way to get fired -- dozens of bloggers have been fired over the past decade for posting about things that happened at work.

So anyhow, who I work for is no secret -- you can click on my LinkedIn profile and see -- but now I will be blogging about things I'm doing at work on my employer's own group blog. My first posts are up. You might recognize one of them as a revised version of one of the posts on this blog, except now I can say what I could only hint at then :).