Friday, November 9, 2012

How to upgrade to a bigger SSD

Okay, on a 17" HP Envy, here's how to upgrade from a small SSD to a new SSD:
  1. Make a Windows system repair disk via the control panel's Backup/Restore item.
  2. Put the new SSD into an external USB case
  3. Boot into a Linux live CD that supports your hardware, and dd the internal drive to the external drive.
  4. Unplug the external drive, reboot back into Windows.
  5. Now to extend the partitions on the new drive so you have your new C:. Plug in the external drive, run Easus Partition Master and move your rescue and tools partitions to the end of the drive and resize your C: partition on the new drive.
  6. Shutdown the system
  7. Remove the old SSD from the computer, replace it with the new SSD.
  8. Boot into the repair disk. It'll then whine that your boot needs repairing. Let it.
  9. Boot into the system, and then go to the control panel's 'System' item. Select "System Protection", then scroll down to the end of the list and you'll see something that says "C: (Unavailable)" that says System Protection is enabled. Click on it, then click "Configure", then "Disable".
  10. Click your new "C:" partition, select 'Enable', then whatever percentage you want to enable for System Restore snapshots.
There you go. All done.

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